Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sorry, I never meant to hurt you

Dear Governess Zav,

I wish to express my deepest sorrow and apologies for my vicious attacks on you on the Aya Blog.

I don't expect you to forgive me, but I want to make sure that everybody at Aya knows that what I did was out of anger, based on something that I totally misunderstood.

Governess Zav, I had no right whatsoever to do what I did, and if must I leave Aya because of my actions, it will be just.

Governess Zav explained the facts about the situation to me, that situation that I so very much misunderstood. She has done nothing wrong at all. The blame for my behaviour is on me alone.

Now I clearly understand that Aya people's appraisal of you is not just taken out of the blue, there is lot of substance, care and honesty in you, Governess. And those qualities alone make me respect you.

With deepest regrets,

By Kaninah

Layout Marta


  1. Dear Your Majesty and Governess Zav:
    I hope you can forgive Kaninah and let her stay, even if she doesn't deserve it.
    Lady Kathy Greymyst

    1. I do the words of Kathy my words
      Please, let her stay
      Marta Mars

    2. Don't worry, Marta...I'll stay clear of case I ever return :)

  2. My recommendation is that we start to err on the side of understanding an love. If you have something that will encourage someone, please use the blog. If you have an issue with someone, go direct to them, or use the chain of command. Its too easy to strike out on a blog.

    We have more in common than we have differences. Also, why show the entire world our squabbles?

    Just food for thought friends. Nobody is perfect. No family is either. But we have something special here. This is my opinion, but the drama has to stop.

    I bow to the collective wisdom of the council and Queen I loyally serve. Dare I say imperfect people doing a very difficult job.

    Miss Erin

  3. all I want is the drama to stop

    if people have problems with each other they should either go to that person or go through the chain of command (i.e. head maid or matron or governess)

    if Kaninah is not happy at AYA, maybe she should find somewhere else, but if she really wants to stay then incidents like this last one can not occur again

    as much as I would like to be perceived as cute and lovable and perfect, sigh I have flaws too, I have said things I should not of said sometimes too and even been scolded by the Queen for it too

    every day we must remember we are a family and we got to try to act like one

    and we must treat each other with respect

    titles must be remembered, curtsies must be given to those who deserve them, likewise with footkisses, drama must be avoided, Mistresses need to remember limits and treat maids with care, and Maids must respect Mistress's limits and remember they are human and even they can make mistakes

    if we continue making AYA a dramatic or stress filled place people may not want to come there, that includes beloved members of our staff all of which are members of our AYA family

  4. there has to be an element of drama in any sim to stimulate discussion or life would become stale, although we must draw the line at personal attacks.

    1. I think I see what you mean, Governess. I recently came across a couple of formulas that seem (at least to me) to sum up the relationship between drama and fun.

      IC drama=fun
      OOC drama=not fun

      Although I'm not always good at it, I've found that when I've been able to keep the first kind up and the second kind down, I usually have a lot more fun in SL. :)