Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We Want To Know

In your opinion, AYA's Blog is?

Does not matter, indifferent
Disrupts more than it helps
I have no opinion

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By Marta


  1. The blog is very important. The amount of guests I have had on tours that are amazed there is one. Aya would be a far lesser place without it, in my opinion, for what that is worth.

  2. I personnally love the blog I don't get a chance to stop by the sim as much as i would like and so many of us are on different timezones so I find it to be a wonderful way to stay informed of current happenings. It is much appreciated.

  3. The blog is a place where we can share our Aya experience, stay informed on what's happening at the mansion, know better our members, discuss ideas...For me, it's essential!

  4. I think the AYA blog is awesome! Because of RL issues, it can be difficult getting online. This blog helps me to feel more connected to all the wonderful people who make AYA such a special place. :)

  5. thank you very much for doing your blog Marta

    I think this helps AYA tremendously and it is informative

  6. Th blog has become another way of expression at Aya. It helps to know people you barely approached to. And it helps to share your feeings and experience. Moreover, it is a record of the communitey.
    I feel it's important, if not essential.

  7. I love the blog and it was my lifeline while away last week. Keep it coming Marta!


  8. All blog Team thanks you Erin
    hugs and Kiss