Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Long Journey of Mickaël to Morgane

While recovering from her SRS surgery at the Emasculate Academy's Clinic , Mistress Morgane told our readers her story.

At the beginning, I came to Aya as Mickaël. I was looking for myself and I've met Miss Toko who helped me changing my male av into a female one. That was my first day.

I came back to Aya and Tawny gave me a tour of the mansion. With time, I've made a lot of friends.

Few days before I got 30 days, the Queen gave me my name "Mikki" and I became an Aya Friend. But I've made a mistake on my SL profile and I had to wait another week to be able to use my new name. The next week, I became officially Mikki, a Trainee maid.

Days were passing and I've met someone who changed completely my life at Aya. She was still a Head Maid then and would soon become an Aya Mistress...and my wife: Marta. I also met someone very important for me and who would become my Mistress and my mom: Matron Stacy.


Few weeks after, I've been to Miss Erin's wedding at Emasculata Academy. I asked her some infos about this place and I've filled out an application form. I became a student at EA.

By this time, I was feeling something was changing deep inside me and little by little...I've always thought I was true sub and I realized it was not really the case anymore.

In my maid application form, I have written that I wanted to know more about myself, and that's what I did. I still have a sub side with my Mistress and my wife, but I've discovered that I love to be a Domme with Marta. So I guess I'm a switch. And this feeling grew up in me after I spoke to Miss Brittany to know more about the Domme world and when I felt ready, I spoke to Head Governess Kara who gave me a Mistress application form.

But before I filled out the Mistress form, I spoke with Marta who told me she would like to have a sub and I immediately thought about the sweet and kind Tawny, who taught me a lot of things when I was a maid.


So I've waited a bit before filling out the form and giving it back, but thanks to my wife's precious advices, I did it and I didn't wait a long time to have my answer back. I became a Mistress.

Meanwhile, I was still studying at EA and I became a Sophomore and tried my best to be a good Mistress with a wonderful gurl, Nadi, even if I don't see her a lot. I also tried to help by giving some ideas like changing the purpose of few rooms unused at the mansion.

As I'm impulsive, and after an issue I had, I changed my name for one that I like a little more than "Mikki". Inspired the novel by Marion Zimmer Bradley I took the name of the sweet and nice MORGANE. Because in RL, one of my dream would have been to be a priestess of the sacred island of Avalon.

For a while, because of my impulsiveness, I was no longer an Aya Mistress. I just got my SRS (sex reassignment surgery) at the Academy Emasculata, so it's a new life for  me!

Now, I left the clinic. And thanks to the benevolence of Head Governess Kara, I'm back at AYA as Mistress.
After this story, I have learned to be less impulsive and talk more with my friends before making a decision.
A big thank you to all of you!

Morgane Stacysdóttir Mars

By Morgane
Layout by Marta
Revised by Tawny and Solen


  1. Such an amazing story, so much changes in few months! I wish you a lot of happiness with your new life, Morgane...Je t'embrasse fort.

    1. je t'embrasse fort aussi douce et jolie Solen

  2. Glad we got to chat. And thank you to all of those who believed in Morgane to hear her out. Shes a sweet girl, and I am glad to have been able to help her with her transition to womanhood. Love ya sweetie.


    1. A big thank you to you, I embrace you stronger Erin

  3. aaaawwww great post. Our paths crossed from day one for me at Aya. It's been a fantastic wonderful journey. Long may it continue.

  4. My best wishes for your new stage, Morgane.

  5. Thank you so much for your sweet comments, kiss you all tenderly