Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sweetstudent The newest AYA’s Trainee Maid

Last Sunday at Sunday Social Party, Head Governess Kara nominate

Sweetstudent (sweetstudent) AYA’s Trainee Maid

Head Governess Karaa nd Sweetstudent (sweetstudent) at Stage

Trainee Maid Sweetstudent (sweetstudent)


Hello, my name is Sarah but I much rather you call me sweets. I am a student, I am here to learn about who I am. I am very open to anything and everything. I like to talk a lot but if asked I can be as silent as a church mouse. Or when I am gagged *blush*…I have been exploring who I am and find I am most happy in the TG community

Rez Day: June 22, 2013

Welcome to AYA’S Family Trainee Maid Sweetstudent

By Marta

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  1. Welcome to the family Sweets. xxxx

  2. So glad you've joined us Sweets. Welcome! :)

  3. Welcome Sweets great that you have joined