Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sissy Story Time with Head Governess Zav

Last Friday, August 23,  Head Governess Zav performance more one Sissy Story Time.

I will be doing a story on forced Feminisation

I'm sure you girls will enjoy it.

Be advised this story will be told on voice so to get the full effect you will need to have it enabled.

In the library

Was amazing!!!!!

By Marta


  1. Thank you
    Hopefully the first of many.
    I hope all who attended enjoyed it

  2. You are most Welcome Head Governess Zav
    Hugs and Kiss

  3. Her story was so sensational that literally made his listeners climb the walls.

    Look over to the right side bookcase. :)

    Hugs and Kiss

  4. Hope I'll be able to get online for the next story time. Sounds like fun! :)