Sunday, August 11, 2013

Identity Crisis

OMG, who am I?

When I was very young I saw a picture of a very hot Marlene Deitrich sitting on a chair in stockings and garters with very frilly panties and wearing a sparkling top hat.  That picture was from an old German movie called "The Blue Angel" and her character was called "Lola-Lola".

I have never been able to get that picture out of my silly brain and I suspect some of you may be able to relate to infatuation with images of sultry femininity.  Eventually, I saw the movie and understood the power a Domme could have over someone like me.  The character of Lola-Lola was, in a way, my very first Domme.

Shortly after coming to SL, I took the name "Lola" to reflect all of the above.  Most people just thought about the old song by the Kinks, so I went ahead and took "Lola-Lola" because that is who I wanted to honor.  Some folks called me "Double Lola", and that was kind of fun, but the name just bothered me.

"Lola-Lola" was a Domme.  I am not, so I could not get comfortable with the name.
Now, I have never felt good with picking girl's names for myself.  It seems like every name I come up with belongs to someone that I know.  If she is unpleasant, I do not want her name.  If she is pleasant, I feel like a thief.

So, I need new name.

It would be an honor to be named by my Mistresses and Sisters.  Perhaps all of you could have some fun.  I'm not sensitive to jokes and I will keep whatever name wins for up to 6 months.... or maybe forever.


The Maid formerly known as Lola-Lola.

By Lola Lola
Layout Marta


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  2. If you were Spanish I should call you Rosita (tiny rose), as you are
    pretty feminine. Lola in Spain is the abbreviation of Dolores (pain), but is a quite folkloric and joyful name here. Carina should be a nice name in the same sense of Aimee.

  3. think then you should have a name that identifies you that fits you that fits how you are and how your heart is

  4. How 'bout Brandy? Did I win?