Saturday, July 20, 2013

12 Hours, Two Good News

More one time, the good daughter back to home

July 18, Miss Sabrina rock part at club. Queen Talin showed once again what she has inside of your heart.

Any moons ago Nuriel was married to one of my daughters who turned out to be a total bitch and dragged Nuriel down with her.

Nuriel was a Greymyst

Nuriel has returned to Aya and I know she misses a family

So I have decided to give Nuriel a second chance

I forgive her for her past discrepancies as a good leader should

Nuriel, I am offering you the chance to rejoin the Greymyst clan

What do you say?

I say....Thank you...I promise not to make the same mistakes again, I solemnly swear this Majesty

If you do Nuriel you will wish you had never met me

Come up here and join your sisters

Alexis Hannah







Kathy Breda

Leona James




Princess Jade
Mikki Stacysdóttir




Two moms very proud

July 19 morning, Governess Zav applied the promotion exam for Trainee Maid Tawny.

Mai Tawny had to wait after exam while Governess Zav made her decision.

Now she is AYA Junior Maid Tawny

AYA Junior Maid Tawny

Mom Mikki was with me

She told me to check my tag

And I jumped up and down

I was so happy

I am finally a maid

Must admit there were tears of joy

This promotion was not given to you Junior Maid Tawny; you earned it with your effort and dedication.

Not only are your mothers proud. All AYA's Family is. Congratulations!

By Marta
Reporter Solen
Phothos Marta, Solen


  1. I am really pleased for Miss Nuriel she to me is a classy lady. As for me I was so happy. In saying that I have to thank my family Mistress Marta and Mistress Mikki.
    Then moving on, Mistress Emma and Mistress Erin who were and are very good to me.
    Head Maid Solen and Junior Maid Laura taught me much about Aya and kept me calm. A special mention to Queens Maid Kathy a lovely person who helped me so much.
    Governess Jade who took time to explain things and Governess Zav, a very fair test which was a learning experience as well.
    Last but not least Queen Talin who accepted me. I remember the visit to the Palace before I joined Aya, not realising how lucky and honored I was at the time.
    Actually everyone at Aya has helped me in some way or other.
    Aya is a wonderful place with fantastic people.
    Long may it be

    1. You deserve the promotion Tawny.

      Yours Moms are very very proud of you

      Big Kiss and tight hug

    2. Tawny, I agree fully with Miss Marta. You are a very loveable, caring and gentle person, but I know you are strong inside too. Your aura is so positive, and meeting you at the mansion always make me smile. Thank you, Tawny and Blessed Be.

    3. Blessed Be Miss Kaninah. Thank you , your aura is beautiful and you are very kind.

    4. Yes I'm very proud of you as Marta

      You deserve this Promotion you are work hard for

      Kisses and hugs for you Tawny dear

  2. So glad Her Majesty is back! I really feel good seeing her in good mood to to bring MIss Nuriel together. Miss Nuriel, Welcome to the family.
    Tawny, a big kiss and gcongreats for your promotion.

  3. I like Miss Nuriel

    my goodness we have such a big family

    *kisses her Mother the Queen and her Mommy Rusty

  4. I've been reading through all the comments on this post, and can't stop smiling. AYA just seems to be full of wonderful, caring people. :)

  5. idk which made me smile wider.... the posting.. or Ana's comment above^

    It really is such an amazing place filled with so many awesome people :)