Sunday, July 14, 2013

AYA has a New Trainee Maid

Head Governess Kara admitted a new Trainee Maid

Trainee Maid Trixie124

Rez Day: 06/11/2013

Biography:  I am a lifetime sub who absolutely loves stricts and tight bdsm. Oh!; I almost forgot to mention that I absolutely love latex and latex encasement!  And if you find my restraints available, feel free to use me. I love latex I love it.I love rp of any kind I love forced and pony rp, and hypno rp. But I mus admit I am 99.9% sub and 0.01% dom. I love anything and have no limits.

“Uh well i'm a sub and like .1 % dom and i like anything i love rp to death and love latex miss.”

Welcome to AYA’s Family Trainee Maid Trixie124
By Marta

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