Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Governess Zav Mission

On her second day in AYA, Trainee Maid Chirs received a mission from Governess Zav.

This is the report of the Mission:

Shopping for Governess Zav and Miss Erin

By Trainee Maid Chris

When I entered the manor today I was met by Governess Zav and Miss Erin.  These two ladies took an immediate interest in helping someone who was obviously lost.  Governess Zav was very concerned with my hormone mix as I towered over all of the other ladies in the room.  After assuring her that this was a temporary situation,  and demonstrating my shorter although  male form,  her attentions turned to my attire.  Both she and Miss Erin wanted to address a certain lack of style.  I seem to recall  the phrase "Edwardian Lamp shade" tossed out.  Hmmm, and  I really thought my hat was quite nice.  At any rate, I was sent off with instructions to "buy clothes, take pictures and write a report."  What you see here is the result of that assignment

After being presented with two LM and instructions to run off and purchase some decent clothing, I found myself first at Lillies.  Miss Erin hereself had given me this landmark, and I was anxious to see what the store presented.  It was with some trepidation that I entered the premises, as I was still wearing my male form, and neither Governess nor Miss Erin had indicated that I should change back.  I would be so much more comfortable hidden behind my more curvaceous Avi.  You can see how I start my little adventure in the first photo.

Looking around, I see that Lily's is completely empty.  Breathing a sigh of relief, I search out the group invite in hopes of opening up several of Lily's free offerings ... Well nearly free.  Joining the group cost 100L.  This was a surprise, as most stores I have seen offer free memberships.
The first things that catch my eye are the wedding gowns ... Lovely sleek dresses with beautiful lacy tranes.  I am not at all ready for these. 

Sighing at the beauty, I turn to more everyday wear.   What's this ... a full wall of asian garb.  Again, I would like something a bit more everyday.  Browsing through the store, I see a lovely set of tunics, they look wonderful ... I'll need hose as well with these ... and omg, furs.  Again lovely but too much for a simple girl.  Soon my head is spinning.  The store is a plethora of lovely lacey gowns and dresses.  Finally I find what a girl of my means needs ... sale area.  Wondering if the worst of the selection has been placed on sale, I make my way to the displays and I'm happily surprised to see two lovely dresses. I purchase the Mini and am about to purchase the longer gown, when a skirt with a lace top catch's my eye.  I fall in love with the item and make a quick purchase.

With the two purchases, I've already overspent what I intended for this store. I turn to leave.  My full intention to move on to Lexi's when I spy one last dress.  A lovely mocha Midi.  The dress is sheer with a lace accent on the bodice and I simply must have it!  Snap, into the bag it goes as I rush out the doors and on to Lexi's.  I never did find those free deals.  I wonder where they are.

Using the tp to Lexi's leaves me high in the air and plummeting downward.  Luckily my frilly skirt has a lot of bounce to it and I land safely.  A quick search under Dressed by Lexi turns up the new location and I am off once again.  In this store, this time I see several ladies shopping.  Heart pounding, I take a deep breath and begin to browse Lexi's offerings.  I barely enter the store when I stumble upon an amazing display of lingerie, heels and a gorgeous pencil skirt.  How could I possibly pass up such offerings.

The lingerie and heels quickly go into my shopping back, but the pencil skirt is sadly a promo for a world wide hunt.  Finally I find what I am looking for, a sign leading downstairs to the group discounts. Two whole walls, covered with discounted apparel.

I can't see what a maid will do with all of this clothing, but I've found the fun in shopping! 

Most of these discount items run 55 to 75L .  I can't help myself and drop several items into my bags including a lovely shape that I hope the Governess will approve.  Turning to leave, I spy what I have been searching for all along.  The group joiner and an entire wall of free dresses gowns and lingerie.  Greedily, I fill my bags.

With a smile and a light step, I return home to Aya.  Governess Zav and Miss Erin only sent me out for a few items, but I fear they've started a shopping addiction.

At the end of the mission declared Governess Zav   

.. i got to admit she did a fine job”

By Marta
Reporter Zav
Photo Chris


  1. A spectacular first day at Aya! Welcome sister Chris!

  2. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! With my limited budget I can't go on many sprees, so it was nice being able to be able to do a little vicarious shopping with you. :)

  3. From Chris:

    Solen, It was indeed a wonderful first two days.
    Ana, you would be surprised what you can find for free at many stores. Lexi's in particular had several lovely, high quality dresses and all that was tequired was to join the group. Similarly, Sascha's (a store I did not visit ) has a free gown every month. The last years worth of Monthly gifts is available on the second floor of her main store. In other words, SL provides some ideal options for the gal on a budget!