Sunday, July 7, 2013

Some Lives Have Changed in the Last Night in AYA

The first change occurs with Junior Maid Mikki

After receiving Mikki’s application for to be Mistress, and for unanimous decision of Aya governess,

Head Governess Kara proclaimed Mikki as AYA MISTRESS

AYA Mistress Mikki
Good luck, be Happy AYA’s Mistress Mikki in Your New Life

The other lives that will change will be Solen and Angel

Congratulation to the couple

All Felicity of SL Word

By Marta


  1. Congratulations Mikki, and also congratulations Solen and Angel.
    Wow I go away for 5 minutes.
    Big Smiles and hugs.

  2. congrats again Solen and Angel Big Kiss at you both

  3. Im so proud of you my my Love

    big passionate kiss

  4. Angel and Solen
    I wish all happiness and luck for the couple

    Hugs and Kiss

  5. Congratulations, my little sis is an Aya Miss now!!! And thank you Tawny, Marta and Mikki!

  6. Thank you Miss Marta for this wonderful video, it mean alot for us and thanks to all family for all the love you shown us. And of course, thank you my love to be in my life.

    PS: congrats to ma poucinette for her new life (i don't know yet if i will call you Miss Mikki or Miss Poulette lol)

    1. Both of you are special for me.

      I love you both.

      Good luck

      Kiss and Hugs