Monday, July 29, 2013

Senior Maid Angel

We are pleased to announce that Junior Maid Angel has passed her Senior Maid Exam with flying colors and has been henceforth promoted to Senior Maid.....Congratulations Senior Maid Angel! Well done.

Kara Love: Everyone listen up!
Kara Love: Governess Zav and I have been in consultation
Kara Love: Angel thank you for answering all our questions
Kara Love: We are very impressed with your answers

Angel Hughes: my pleasure your Grace

Kara Love: Especially the one's were i tried to trip you up
Kara Love: But I was unable to trip you up - you did good!
Kara Love: Solen has taught you well Angel
Kara Love: Solen I am very pleased that you have prepared you sister!

Angel Hughes: yes your Grace she's a so good example for me

Kara Love: Now....Miss Emma has something very important to tell you.
Kara Love: Miss Emma? Please proceed.

Solen Love: Angel wants to do good and do her best, all the time

Emma Hughes: angel the decision has been made and i am very proud to say this
Emma Hughes: you are now officially promoted to Senior Maid!

TerriTangerine: Smiles

Emma Hughes: congrats angel

Solen Love: Oh my love!!!!!
Solen Love: I'm sooo happy for you!!!

Nuriel Greymyst: /me smiles warmly and Applauds " Congratulations Angel"

Solen Love: congrats!!


Solen Love: I love you!!!

Angel Hughes: it's an honour Honorable Ladies and i hope to be at the high

TerriTangerine: Congratulations Angel!!

Emma Hughes: i am a very proud domme right now

Angel Hughes: thank you very much


  1. Congratulations Angel! very proud of you.

  2. Well done Angel! Congrats!

  3. Congratulation Angel and good luck in new position
    Kiss and hugs

  4. Angel, my love, I'm so proud of (and so in love with)you! You deserve it! Congratulations!
    Je t'aime