Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Domspace, What is this?

This week Miss Brittany continues talking about Headspace.
In this second part, she talks about Domspace

 As always, many people present and eager for knowledge that brought us Miss Brittany

In this class, Miss Xanyelle Kristan shared his personal experience

Xany would you mind describing your Headspace

Laughs "You could get lost in there. It's a whirlwind."
Well, it is easy when I am clearly in one space or another, but when I have both spaces at once....

When I am both in charge and submitting at the same time...
The spaces can collide and keep an edge on both, make it hard to sink into things fully.

Or they can blend like blue and yellow making green.
It is surreal and spinning. Hard to explain.

I know that is not very clear, but are there any questions?

Thank you Xany I appreciate it

It is very good you used the color analogy because that is very much what it can feel like that the two spaces blend together as if they were meant to always be together and something new all to get her is formed

Thank you Miss Brittany for more this interesting class. Until next week
By Marta

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  1. Miss Brittany's class are both fun as well as informative. They are wonderful starting points for anyone simply wishing to learn more about BDSM in general.