Monday, July 15, 2013

The AYA’s Family Grew Up

AYA has more one Trainee Maid

Yesterday at Sunday Social Party with the presence of Her Majesty, Head Governess Kara admitted a new Trainee Maid.

AYA's Stage

Trainee Maid Gina (gordon.soleil)

Trainee Maid Ginna

Rez Day: 08/23/2006

Biography:  I18+ SL and RL. Yes, I'm shorter than you. That does not mean I'm age playing. That means you're seven feet tall. Also, I'm a guy, except in Hayao.

See my picks for RP profiles. Outside of them, I'm up for most anything that looks fun. I'm shy, so I don't start conversations much. Also: At least *try* to get to know me before you start proposing sex. You'll come off classier that way.

Welcome to AYA’s Family Trainee Maid  Trainee Maid Gina

By Marta
Report  Mikki
Photos Mikki

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  1. Congrats, Gina! I just recently was accepted as a trainee maid myself. Hope I get to meet you some time. :)