Thursday, July 25, 2013

Aya News from Governess Kara

Aya Reporter: Governess, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. My first question is, have we had any promotions this month?

Governess Kara:
Yes! We have had a few promotions recently. We want to congratulate Miss Sabrina on being promoted to Senior Mistress. And congratulations to Tawny Mars and Laura Fritton for passing their Junior Maid exams! Well done ladies!

Aya Reporter: Have we had many new members join Aya recently?

Governess Kara:
July was a busy month. We added 2 new Trainee maids, 2 new Mistresses and 3 Aya Subs! We want to welcome each and every one of you to the Aya Family! Welcome Maids Pet and Ana Luminos, Mistresses Dio and Amanda and Subs Gina, Trixie and Taylor.

Also, Keeper of Records Celly informs us that we are nearing out 300th Aya member!

Aya Reporter: Thanks Governess. How do we stand on donations this month?

Governess Kara:
We have had some great donations to Aya this month! I know these people do not want any recognition but that's to bad. Miss Sabrina has made a very generous donation this month! Also Miss Amy Solo has made a huge donation to the sim and even put up an incredible $15k on our contest board one night! Thank you both!

While we are on the subject. Let me point out that It is only by your generous donations that Aya can continue. You may think that running a sim would make the top management rich. But nothing can be further from the truth. Aya makes zero profit and our sim rent is nearly $90k! Thats a lot to come up with each and every month!

So please continue your generous donations. We really do appreciate it and it allows us to keep Aya open to all.

Aya Reporter: Good point Governess. Do we have any new events planned for Aya soon?

Governess Kara:

Well the Aya Butt photo contest was a rousing success! The sim raised nearly $8,000L. And the top winner was Mikki Mars who now has the tittle of "Aya's cutest butt"! A big thank you to all that participated and a special thank you to Celly who organized the whole thing!

Don't forget about Governess Zav's cleaning contest which ends this Friday! Top prize is $500L, $250L for second and $100L for third place. But, please do not forget your other Aya duties such as greeting guests and giving tours.

We are thinking of some new ideas and we may do another Domme auction soon if there is enough interest.

Also we welcome any new event suggestions you may have. Please keep the ideas flowing and let us know.

Aya Reporter: Governess, I have a question regarding use of "male" pronouns when referring to one's self during emoting. These has been some confusion as to whether this is permitted or not. Can you comment?

Governess Kara:
I'm glad you asked this question. I have heard this too. Firstly, Aya is open to all. All sexual orientations and genders. We don't dictate how one relates to one's own sexual identity. If you prefer thinking of yourself as a "she", that is perfectly fine. If you relate more to being a "he", that's also perfectly fine.

Aya Reporter: Thank you Governess. Is there anything more you would like to add?

Governess Kara:
Yes a few things. Kathy wants to remind everyone that she is still doing maid counseling and so is Miss Erin. You may contact either of them directly if you wish to have a private one-on-one confidential session. What you say to them is totally private.

And lastly we would like to thank some folks for their hard work. You may not know this but we have many people behind the scenes work their butts off for Aya. They want nor get any recognition. Their only satisfaction is knowing they did a good job for Aya. They are totally dedicated to us. Some you may know. Like our own Dolly - she works very hard for us.

Others you may not know about like Celly, who comes up with great ideas for Aya all the time! She takes no credit but she does a wonderful job.

Also, I'd like to recognize our hard working Lady Kathy. She has been a wonderful addition to the sim and she is totally dedicated to the Queen and Aya. She also works closely with me on special projects that we give her.

Lastly, we know all of you work really hard for Aya and want to make it a better place. Just know that the Queen and the Governesses know this and we really appreciate all you do!

Aya Reporter: Thank you Governess Kara.


  1. Great interview, and congratulations to all the promotees! Its great to see the family grow. Being part of the AYA family means so much me.


    Miss Erin

  2. Nice posting... it IS important we don't forget those who work so hard for all of U/us. Even though they may not desire the spotlight, we should always remember... there is no Chapel, no contests, no play areas, no AYA without the significant contributions from many. So if we know these persons, its not difficult to take a moment and let them know they are appreciated.

    Thank You all for help supporting the safe sanctuary that we all enjoy...


  3. Thank you Your Grace and everyone at Aya. Love Lady Kathy Greymyst

    1. Thank you, M'Lady....your love, support and empathy are invaluable...
      Your sis