Saturday, July 6, 2013

She Came to Sum

She arrived at AYA almost 2 month, ound AYA with search engine.

She is Mistress Cleo Trice

AYA Mistress Cleo Trice
Be a Miss for her is:

If you asking what does it mean to be one of the misses the feeling of guiding the maids into true women hood is a the meaning for me.

Something's she likes, others like least.

What i love about aya is the people you meet i've made quite a few friends in aya plus the parties are quite a blast.

What i least like..I have to say lack of a ^dungeon^ is the term for it i support the positve growth of our maids but haveing a ^dungeon like area might have some fun for our more naughty maids, but its a minnor thing.

AYA Mistress Cleo Trice and Misstress Marta

For those who do not know, Miss Cleo offered to work on blog. Was received with open arms.

I do enjoy writeing but could never find a propper outlet for it when the lovely Marta and i started to talk about the blog i figured this would be a fun thing to do.

Yes readers of the blog I love you and hope to do my best whilst being a writer on the blog

Welcome to Team Miss Cleo, We are eager to know your work

By Marta


  1. there are 'dungeons' but they are skyboxes, and there are 3 different ones, we changed to this system for a little more privacy

  2. Governess Jade beat me to this. Dungeons are in skyboxes. Enjoy!

  3. Welcome to our fantastic media Miss Cleo, i'm sure you will do a wonderful job.