Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sisterhood of Aya

Love Your Sisters

Miss Cleos first post

AYA'S Maids

Hello you lovely maids of Aya i'd like to take a moment to talk about sisterhood of our maids at Aya,from the first i stepped through the doors of Aya I instantly felt a strong bond between the maids the bound of sisterhood,they clean together they work together served together its such a lovely sight,It always warms my heart to see the maids call each other sis or sister and when a new trainee come to the fold my heart dores when the maids welcome her as one of their own.

Not just the maids hold this sisterhood the misses of Aya do have a somewhat quiet sisterhood but still very strong we teach and train the maids together we make sure they are happy and feminine and we are not alone our Governesses hold this sisterhood,the Princesses are a sisterhood and we are ALL sisters to Aya and her Majesty

Aya is not just a sissy and Dom sanctuary But a home and a family of sisters
By Cleos
Photo Solen


  1. Congratulations Dear

    Welcome to the Team

    Hugs and Kiss

  2. thank you Miss Cleo for those words and welcome to the family

  3. wow very good and true Miss Cleo

  4. Great post Miss Cleo, that summarizes perfectly who we are.