Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I pronounce you Robin, AYA Trainee Maid

With this words, Queen Talin pronounce  Robin Dutch (robindutch)  AYA Trainee Maid

Robin Dutch (robindutch)

Biography: I am a dutch male being in world as a shemale. My rl age is 31 and wont share more details about rl.
I am not new in sl.
Dancing in Lari's Club, Miko Nude Beach and the Shemale Hideout. Ask where I am when you like to join me.

Rezz Day: May 23 2013

Well come to AYA’s Family Trainee Maid Robin

By Marta
Reporter Mikki
Photo Mikki


  1. You already made an admirable impression, Robin. Thanks for your pure and sweet way of being:)
    Love and Light,

  2. Sadly, you didn't felt care and understanding....I am very sorry you left. Aya just lost a remarkable sweet person.....somebody should look at what a family really means.... Blessed Be, Robin..