Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Tea with Miss Twinkles

One afternoon, Miss Twinkles invited me for a Tea. She wanted to show me one of his ideas.

Miss Marta and Miss Twinkels havian a Tea at Twinkles home
Between a sip of tea and a laugh, she said:

I am thinking of buying a Light Cycle Arena from Tron so we can hold competitions between Mistress' and Maids if they wish. However it is 5K and I don't want to spend 5K if it will not be used. So I want to poll people to see if they are for it.

Well sis, first of all, this thing is mineral, vegetable or fattening? :)

Lol sis, It is a motorcycle that emits a laser from behind. It is used in a competition where drivers must force the opposing teams drivers to crash into their lasers. If there is a demand for it.

Take a look at this link: Light Cycle Arena in MP. And at this video too: Light Cycle Arena video.

Oh! Very cool sis, I have an idea. Let’s make a pool in our Blog, maybe for one month, and will see the result. What you think?

Perfect! Do it please?

As we say at home. “Deixa comigo” (let with me). The tea here is very good, is not it?

Oh yes, bla bla bla…

Lol Sis, bla bla bla …

What is your opinion? Vote on the bottom right of the page.

Vote, vote, vote.!!!!!
By Marta


  1. Looks like fun to me... love racing ^^.

    This is at least one "yes" vote!