Friday, June 14, 2013

How This Girl Changed My Life

One night Mikki arrived at AYA, was received by Palace Maid Kathy and our beloved Queen. I could never imagine how important you you would became to me. I only remember that I found beautiful your  freckles when I took your picture for the blog.

Miiki, Trainee Maid of AYA BDSB Sissy Maid Sanctuary

Our life continued and at the beginning, our relationship was like AYA's sisters. When I realized you had already invaded my heart and had made a big cleaning.

Miiki, Trainee Maid of AYA BDSB Sissy Maid Sanctuary cleaning my heart
Without asking permission, you were thrown out old loves impossible, prejudices a long time rooted in my heart, took my foolish fears and put them in the trash. With the space that appeared, more the remainder of my heart, you filled with YOUR LOVE, and I saw myself completely in love with you.

From the beginning, you always supported me unconditionally. Encouraged me to follow paths that I was afraid to follow.

road to my heart

Today MY LIFE , we will be in the chapel of the Holy which I am devoted, Saint George. In front of the AYA community, to formalize what we feel for each other. Two bodies, one feeling, one dream, OUR LOVE.

You changed me a lot, made me a much better person, and the happiest in the SL. Without you the SL is not funny. I want to spend the rest of my SL life with you.

Mikki and I love card

I LOVE YOU so much Mikki

Marta Mars from the bottom of my heart for the heart of Mikki Mars

Little England, June 14, 2013

By Marta to Mikki


  1. You never know when that special someone will come into your life and change it forever. :)

    1. And I was one of the lucky ones to have it happen to me.