Thursday, June 20, 2013

You have to see it to believe it !

She is adept of Tight Lacing. Her waist is lowercase. A sweet person and very talented at what she does.

Miss Sophie Preiss

Miss Sophie Preiss

Maybe you guys did not know, she is the creator of AYA’s uniforms.

All ranking Maid Uniform

All comes from my meeting with Lady Eliane, who is my Mistress. It is it which pushed me to sell my corsets, and to carry out a uniform for AYA, a uniform integrating a corset well tightened, obviously.

She is an adept of the use of corsets.She likes to wear corsets for the tightness feeling and restriction it imposes.

Second life, has allowed to me to be a "corsetière", creative of corset.

Miss Sophie Preiss

She did not find corsets in Second Life when she arrived, so she created them

As I arrived on second life, I looked for corsets and I did not find any, then, I started to try to create some. Since there is of another creators of corset, but of small number. The difficulty is that several techniques should be used: modeling, creation of map and creation of script with anim. The weather has was necessary much time to me to be a first corset, and still time to make corsets which is tightened.

 Logo of Miss Sophie Preiss store

Besides Tight Lacing, her pleasures at Second Life are the same than the majority of the Submissives
I adore being attached, or to wear constraining clothing. I am romantic and I adore to dance as I carry a crinoline. I adore my mistress as, obliges me to follow it, by drawing me by the chain from my collar and with my attached arms.

She has a store at AYA shopping where she sells many of her other items.

Miss SophieStore at AYA BDSB Sissy Maid Sanctuary

My last creations have some month, and I prepare some of other. My more recent creations are a very constraining orthopedic corset and a tuxedo, with a corset of training.

I do not deliver that a corset, in limp that you can buy, you find a corset there, of course, but also  collection of dress, shoes, underclothing and of another accessories…

My customers, are especially world BDSM, Sissy and Dolls.

What do you like to say to our readers Miss Sophie?

Logo of Miss Sophie Preiss store
On second life, you can carry the narrowest corsets most delirious, corsets almost impossible to carry in RL.

Be beautiful, unbounded, are elegant and sexy. In SL, you can model yourselves, you to force without danger, only for the pleasure.

Thank you Miss Sophie Preiss for sharing a little bit of your life.

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By Marta
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  1. A wonderful insight to some Aya history and behind the scenes.The corsets look beautiful and amazing. In my opinion the Maids of Aya are so lucky to have such beautiful uniforms.
    A very talented lady with great taste.

    1. I agree with you 100% honey. And say a little more, without these uniforms AYA would not be what it is.

  2. some of her corsets are unbelievably tight

    she must take very small breaths

    but they look very nice