Thursday, June 13, 2013

What have in common…

A beautiful place, a sissy dress, a chapel, a cathedral, a building, good taste and shyness?

A talented Artist, Miss Dolly

Miss Dolly

Like many artists, she does not like to talk about herself. In a special deference, she gave me an interview at her construction platform where she makes low prims buildings.

She discovered  Second Life five years ago while browsing on the Internet. Soon she learned how to use the tools of construction and start making her own dresses.

With the soul of an entrepreneur, she put her dresses in the clubs that had dress competitions. With the money earned in the competitions, she bought more construction tools and rented a store to sell her dresses.

With her entrepreneurial spirit, she already opened several clothes stores called Maidys Emprorium.. then became...Dolly Designs.

Dolly Designs shoppins

“Well...I just opened up one at a PG sim...mainly because I like the sim...So..4 shops plus MP”

Today she not only creates dresses, she also creates amazing buildings such as the Cathedral and the Chapel of AYA.

 Biuldings create by Miss Dolly

She told me she likes to do both, and she also makes dresses in RL.
“I like to make sissy dresses in Satin/Leather/Latex/Pvc”
“I like to make dresses to see the happy sissy when they wear the sissly/dolly dresses”

Miss Dolly Dress creations

She came to AYA in time that it was still in the old mansion in the old AYA, 3 or 4 years ago, and then met the Queen Tallin.

At first she participated in some RP, today the work takes most of her  time. For this reason she also does not have a partner here at SL.
“It would not be fair to have a partner on SL...I couldn't honor one ..I always making things here”

To finish, would you like to say something to our readers?
“To all readers: Enjoy AYA...and don’t make too much drama that people don’t need...and also help AYA continue xx”

Than you Miss Dolly for this interview. I take this opportunity to say that I'm a big fan of your work.

Miss marta Mars and Miss Dolly

Marta Mars from Miss Dolly’s construction  platform to AYA’s Blog

By Marta
Revised by Stacy


  1. What Aya would do without Miss Dolly's amazing work? If she could come out of her lab more often, us maids could kiss her feet like she deserves it..;)