Wednesday, June 5, 2013

AYA Has A New Senior Maid And A New Mistress

In the morning of June 4, our dearest Maid Jade was promoted.

In the night, Mistress Cleo Trace joint to us too.

She is now Senior Maid  Jade  Mocha Claven: 

AYA Sissy Maid Sanctuary's Seinor Maid Jade

Congratulation Senior Maid Jade

You deserve and all AYA’s are proud of you

In this same night, Head Governess Kara welcomed a new Mistress

She is Mistress Cleo Trice (princessboots22)

Miss Cleo Trice of AYA BDSNM Sissy maid Sanctuary
Mistress Cleo Trice (princessboots22)

Rez day: 03/27/2013
Biography: Closet sissy boy currently not aware of the perverts city in which she lives now

Her words to AYA’s Family

If any sissy needs some support or advice I'm here to listen and help...after you have done your chores :)

Welcome to AYA’s Family Mistress Cleo Trice

By Marta
Revised by Stacy

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