Saturday, June 29, 2013

She Was Been a Bit of Everything

Currently, their main role is to "brighten the atmosphere"

Mistress Sabrina Baddingham

Mistress Sabrina Baddingham

She is vain and very hardworking

Since I was member of SL Community I wanted to work on a nice looking Avatar. Therefore it was important to work in SL.
I get work as dancer when I was 30 days old.
The music club was opened from Thursday to Sunday.
Sabi was all day on the sim and was looking what changed in the club.
In this time I meet very important people for my future.
Was working as Dancer, Event Manager, Club Manager, Advertise Manager for NN Boots, Djane Management and as DJane.

The Queen was looking for a DJ. Found more than looking.

It was 2012 when I was on a party for our Majesty. Knew her since 2010.
We was talking to each other and she catches me as DJane for the AYA Club.
Since that day I was part of the AYA Family.
Short time later our Majesty honoured me with the AYA Silver Medal.

Mistress Sabrina Baddingham

Miss, Slavegirl, Blooddoll and much more

In RL I’m near the age of 35. Since I was 14 years old I was a Miss.
Don´t know the subside.
Inside SL I was starting as slavegirl and then I get turned from a blooddoll to a vampire in my vampireclan. As this happens I turn also from sub to a Mistress inside SL.
Get practice into slave training, sub training, doll training and ponygirl training inside SL.

Mistress Sabrina Baddingham

In AYA she is not just a Mistress

I only have 2 functions at AYA. Mistress and DJane/German Manager.
Organizing all German events in the club. My BDSM work is more in the background since I am working as DJane.
Think DJing is my profession.

“I´m happy to be here in the biggest and greatest family in SL. Love you all!”

Mistress Sabrina Baddingham

The AYA's Family is proud to have you as one of the most beloved members.

By Marta


  1. mmmmmm ein köstlichsten Leckerbissen und gefährlich