Monday, June 10, 2013

Maid Lola Was Promoted to Junior Maid

Our beloved Queen promoted during the Sunday Social Party.

Not without a bit of adrenaline.

Quenn Talin and Maid Looa At stage in AYA BDSM SISSY Sanctuary


Yes, Your Majesty

Now then Lola
Head Governess Kara tells me that you took your Junior maid finals today
Yow, do you think you did?

I believe I did well, Your Majesty

You do?

Yes, Your Majesty

I see, so you think you have passed?

I hope so, Your Majesty

 Come here please hon

Yes Majesty?

Lola is under the impression that she passed?

Oh boy!...I didn’t mean to give that impression

I must say she is very confident for someone who is about to receive homework for the next week and do you know what this homework will be Lola?

Whatever Your Majesty desires.

Oh I do, you homework will be studying for your Jnr Maid to Snr Maid course

Well done, you passed with flying colors

Lola cheeks turning crimson, tears forming

I'm sooo happy!

Well done baby
We are proud of you

Mmmmmmmm, thank you Your Majesty
Thank you everyone!

Congratulation Junior Maid Lola, this promotion is the crowning effort of his own.
You did for deserve it

By Marta
Field Reporter Mikki
Photo Solen

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