Friday, June 21, 2013

The Teacher is a Clown but...

What she teaches is very serious

Teacher Twinkeles of AYA
Last night, Miss Twinkles give us more one of your important Maid Training class.

AYA's Class blackboard

Not only Trainee Maids attended class.

AYA's Class

Teacher Twinkles' class was theory and practical

Teacher Twinkles pratical Class

Be a AYA’s Maid is a honor.

But it also has a lot of responsibility

By Marta.


  1. Twinkles is a wonderful asset to Aya! Good job Marta on the blog entry!

  2. I learn every day at Aya and this is also true for Teacher Twinkles' classes. You are a great teacher Miss Twinkles!

    1. Indeed Solem, AYA is always teaching us something, not only in classes as the excellent teacher Twinkles.

  3. Always love Twinks' classes!