Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Becky and Jasmine, the newest Trainee Maid of AYA

Last Sunday, June 16, AYA’s Family received more two members

 Trainee Maids Beck and Jasmine at AYA BDSM Sissy Maid Sanctuary foyer

Becky, Trainee Maid of AYA
Becky (norttyenglishboy)

Rez Day: 02/18/2013

I joined AYA academy sissy sanctuary as a trainee maid on the 16th June 2013 I am more than willing to do anything for my superiors I want to please all and will go out of my way to ensure this happens

Jasminie, Trainee Maid of AYA
Jasmine Stevens (jimmierae)
Rez Day: 01/02/2013

Happily owned by: Frannie Stevens Fritton: 3/9/2013 who is in turned owned by Gemma Fritton.

I'm just an underendowed effeminate boy in dress trying to become the woman he feels inside. Castration would probably help and would be welcomed.

Accepted as an AYA trainee maid on 6/16/2013. I fully support and follow all of their policies. AYA is my home.

Accepted to the Emasculata Academy today, 1/5/2013. I proudly wear my freshman dress and support Emasculata in all ways. EA is also home.

AYA's  Family receives you with open arms girls 
By Marta


  1. Jasmine was so shy on the tour of Aya before she was accepted it's great to see her as trainee

  2. Becky and Jasmine, welcome to the family. We will be glad seeing you fulfilling your wishes :)