Friday, March 22, 2013

AYA has now a Golden Queen Head Maid

Last night, in a extremely simple but very exciting to ceremony, in the presence of Governess, Misses and Maids .Your Majesty Queen Talin 1 st, awarded Queen Maid kathyBlouse Breda.

For your been exceedingly loyalty to Your Majesty, and be a model Palace Maid. As stated by our beveled Queen, Queen Maid kathyBlouse Breda was promoted to Queens Head Maid.
Along with the promotion she was also awarded with AYA Gold Medal.

Queen Talin 1 st ad Queen Head Maid kathyBlouse Breda at cerony

Queen Head Maid kathyBlouse Breda, you are the pride of AYA’s Family.

By Marta

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