Sunday, March 10, 2013

Poem about my Mistress Jessica by jade Claven (jade oxhall)

When we first met I was not looking for you
But as I saw you my heart melted and knees trembled
Then you spoke and said I was pretty
That made me feel so dizzy
Then you spoke more as I listened
I told you my problems and you said its fine
As you said that it was fine it  made me shine
Then you took me home and cuddled me
This made me so happy and puddle up
Then I told you more expecting you to tell me to go
But you turned around and said no
Up to this day I say I don't please you
And you just say shhh and hug me
After the week trial you decided to keep me
This was music to my ears and delighted me
You helped me control my emotions
So I could go back to the place I love
Now I am there I say I will make you proud
And just hug and kiss me and say you love me 
This fills me with warm fuzziness


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