Wednesday, March 27, 2013

She is not Beautiful...

She is not beautiful.
She is not ugly.
She is Deliciousely DIFFERENT.

Sometimes a Clown other a Flower Girl. Noticeably a restless Furry that travel in a “very discrete and silent” Telephone Box.
She is Senior Maid Kiki Bubbles Flowers

Senior Maid Kiki Bubbles Flowers

“Heya I'm Kiki. I'm 20, and mostly I'm friendly(unless you get on my bad side). Life's a confusing time for me(as usual), but hey I'm sure things will eventually work themselves out”
“I have a Mommy Clowny whom I love very much, and lots of friends / sisters / ummm taco lovers?o.o”

Kiki by Kiki
“I'm..something, I'm the one who is never in Uniform(I have my reasons), been a maid twice(long story), I'm a Furry, Timelord, Clown thing, I actually received the first Aya Medal of Service, so that's always something I bring up.”

Followed the steps of his mommy
“My Mom(Twinkles), was a Maid at the time, I decided to see what it was about, my first Mistress / later Ex Girlfriend, never wanted me joining, released me, about a day later I joined Aya as a new maid, Rose through the ranks, and so forth since.
Like Mommy
But this can change
“Been a maid for over a year now, hung around now and then way back when me being Twinkles' Daughter was still not a known thing. My opinion on being a maid has changed, mostly I”
She makes everybody dance
“I'm also one of AYA's DJs, my usual sets Wensday 1:30 to whenever, sometimes I cover for Fuzzy and do sundays though. Otherwise I'm the one who keeps wanting change around here(longer story)”
Direct and straight
“Just try to have fun, and don't cause folks headaches.”
Senior Maid Kiki Bubbles Flowers

What to say to Kiki? ! ? !
Vivez la Différence ! ! ! !
By Marta

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