Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jade Claven (jade oxhall) New Poem

Aya Poem From the perspective of a new sissy girl

As i enter the big building i get scared my knees tremble
My heart races , my knees feel weak
I see people there and a tear leaks
I say hi getting scared.

I feel people look
Then my hand is took
It is taken by a maid who sits me down
She talks to me and tell me how pretty i am

Then i see 2 beautiful women come over
They look scary and i try to move away.
But the Maid tells me shhh and cuddles me

As the 2 women come over they say hi
They sit next to me and start to talk.
I look at the First women who is wearing a beautiful long dress.
She holds my hand and speaks to me Saying.
It ok darling we are here to help you and look after you

She says i am the ruler of Aya and don't be afraid.
She tell me to be calm then the second woman speaks.
she has a voice so soft and sweet
it Makes my knees weak.

She hold my hand again and says she will help me.
Then the maids take me off to a pink room
I get Scared and start to shake

They lay some clothes down and do my make up
Then they get me dressed and take me to a mirror
They say i look so fine
This makes me shine

After this i am taken back to the 2 women
They sit and say Welcome to AYA.
I smile and i say Thank you so much.
They just smile.

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