Tuesday, March 26, 2013

She has "The Power"!

Do not underestimate her. She has a power of gentle loving mental domination.

She is Mistress Rachel.
Miss Rachel

Rachel by Rachel
“A gentle and caring but strong Mistress, into mental domination. Lesbian lady, but very happy dommeing sissy males as female avis. Likes BDSM, likes to try new things. Interested in the whole d/s psychology. Enjoy good interesting conversation.”

Was invited to meet AYA
“Met Janet, a maid at AYA, at the Velvet Crossing, and she recommended AYA to me.”

Brought all his experience to us
“I have been a Mistress on SL since January 2012, at AYA since early February 2013, and I love the feelings of control it gives me, but I also love mentoring subs and helping them achieve their fantasies and subspace. My basic style is gentle loving mental domination, and can do it at various intensities - much higher with subs I own, and can adapt my approach to meet the needs and fantasies of individual subs. I value good communication and conversation. I use guided visualisation a lot.”

A multi talented Mistress
“Nothing official, but I act as counsellor and mentor to various girls at AYA, and I also run impromptu relaxation meditation sessions and do guided visualisations.”

She came to sum
“I am very willing to help anyone at AYA with my counselling and meditation skills. I am here to domme, I don't sub, and I have found that AYA is a lovely caring community, free of unwelcome prejudice and bigotry, who are very appreciative of, and responsive to my particular style of D/s. I am very happy at AYA, and it is my main sim.”
Mistress Rachel

Thanks Mistress Rachel, do AYA’s home your “Home, sweet Home".

By Marta

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