Thursday, March 21, 2013

AYA's "Prodigal Son"

She is AYA’s "Prodigal Son" or daughter. She is a sweet person, always ready to help. She also has the gift of poetry.

She is Trainee Maid Jade BellaRose Calven.

Jade by Jade.
“I like to think about myself as a sweet nice person who loves my sisters and I try to help whenever i can. I picked my name Jade from a girl a used to have a crush on and she was pretty and so is my av so it fits.i have a very large family in sl and i love them all from my mom to my sisters and they look after me and i look after them as well.”
A Litlte Bit of Her Story.
“I discovered AYA when Sir Thomnus bought me to AYA he saw that i was a sissy and that I needed help to feel safe and protected, so he bought me here and Maid Petal, who is not here now, but was great and such a sweet person, a heart of gold, helped me get my maids outfit and a few clothes, then i got a bit upset and Governess Zavoda came and calmed me down and helped me. She helped me a lot and still does. She is a great person and from that day on she has been my Goddess. I also met Queen Talin who was a Mistress here then and she was great and sweet as well. She helped me and nurtured me and so I felt safe when at AYA. Then i eventually found a Mistress who was Miss Amy and I loved her and she was so nice and she helped make me into what i am today. A lot of you will know i have also been banished from aya a few times, I am aware that this was all my own fault and i have learned from the mistakes I made, that caused it.”

Jade tells us how it feels to come back to be part of Family of AYA again.
“I became a trainee maid a few weeks ago. After not being at AYA for a while, I begged to come back, because I love aya and it means a lot to me. When I am here I feel complete and safe and I can let my sissy side come out. I feel so glad I am back as a maid and I will try my best to become the best maid I can be. My aspirations at aya are just to become a loved and great maid, although I am aware that I won't to be able to help everyone and not everyone will love me. One day I may wish to become senior or head maid but that will come if and when it is meant to come and if it comes I will be truly honoured, at the minute I am just so glad I am back at the place i truly love.”

Every artist is an illuminated person, no doubt she is a poet illuminated.
“I love to write poetry and I always think mine are rubbish lol, but I like to do this because sometimes I have trouble with my emotions, and I feel this helps me relax and when I write these poems I feel I become more of the girly sissy me and this helps keep my emotions in all and hope I will become the best maid and person i can become.”
Yours words to AYA's Family.
“I would just like to say that I know I have had a lot of chances at AYA and i know this is my last chance and I am going to make sure this time I am here to stay. I love AYA and I want to give it my all. I also want to say that if anyone need any help, please don't be afraid to ask. I have asked my sisters for help and I am not ashamed of it as we are all here to help. I love

Thanks Maid Jade for share a little about yourself with AYA’s Family.

by Marta


  1. I met Jade first time I arrived to Aya. I was with a several-days beard, and there I met Govenrness Talin - I did not know what a Governess was, but she was sat in a throne - and two lovely maids: Princess (nowadays The Lady) and Jade. I found the two maids really femenine and joyful. Governess, now our beloved Queen, bided them to show me the mansion, they leaded me to the changeing room. And there the courtains closed for a while. Since then, everytime I was back to Aya I always met the smile of Jade, the friendship of our Lady and the warmth of our Queen, who finally almost dragged me from the ear to become a maid. I'm really glad Jade is back, and sure we all will enjoy her company.

    1. When I arrived in AYA and Queen Tallinn made me Maid Trainee, it was she who helped me with my first uniform.

      I was very nervous and your sweet words calmed me. since then I consider her my Godmother.It felt so good rejoins her.

      Your Blessing Godmother!