Monday, March 11, 2013

The First AYA’s Maid Photo / Model Contest, Final Result

After several days of voting we finally has "White Smoke" on AYA last sunday.

Participated in this event, ten competitors, some with two photos. These were the contestants, in alphabetical order:
  • Anton Verity
  • Fuzy Colter
  • Jade Oxhall
  • Juice Howlett
  • kathyBlouse Breda
  • Sabine Asteria
  • Sissy Alex Starship 2, Photos
  • Solen Hamelin, 2 Photos
  • Ww1py1 Resident
  • Yohh Resident

As this was a competition, only one was the winner but you guys were all BIG WINNERS. Our many thanks to you guys for the support and sporting spirit.

In the third place , WW1PY1 Resident!

In the second place, Yohh Resident!
In the firs place, the winner, Solen Hamelin!!

This charitable event in support of our house, owes its success to all of you who promptly responded with their votes.

The AYA’s Family THANKS everyone for direct or indirect participation and trust in

The First AYA’s Maid Photo / Model Contest

by Marta

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