Friday, March 29, 2013

She is a looooong time Trainee Maid.

Is she a troublemaker?

What do you think?

She is Trainee Maid Teagan

Trainee Maid Teagan

She is very hard on herself

"I'm a bit of a sarcastic trouble maker, but I can be quite fun! You'll either love me or hate me."


Her boyfriend showed him "The Good Way"
"My Boyfriend was friend with the owner and we hung around here often."

The Time it’s not a problem for her
"I have been a trainee for around five months. I hadn't been around too often so it's reasonable. It's been pretty fun though. I get away with stuff cause I'm a trainee still. Heheh."

Surely a busy Trainee Maid
"Other than cleaning, and kissing boots when I'm told to I suppose I enjoy making people have a good time, and laugh."

Listen ! ! !
"Thanks for putting up with me"

Trainee Maid Teagan.

We all have our own rhythm. All they fit in AYA’S Family.

AYA’s Family loves you Trainee Maid Teagan

by Marta

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