Thursday, March 28, 2013

Where she is?

She can be so discreet that sometimes the Queen herself doesn't know were she is.

Her personality and efficiency won the heart and of Your Majesty.

She is Queen Maid Kathy Breda.


Queen Maid Kathy Breda
Kathy by Kathy
“Hello, may name is Kathy Breda. I came to Second Life at the very end of 2007, although I was not online consistently until circa Fall of 2012. At one point, I hadn't been on SL for over 2 years, almost 3. I had been interested in very light BDSM, nothing very intense as I don't like bondage and extreme pain. Mainly I wanted to explore another reality and live another existence. Much of what I do in RL would not allow me this exploration. I had hung out at some BDSM sims, like the Velvet Crossing but I was bored.”

Her curiosity and her luck brought her to AYA
“After having been frustrated and bored with some of the other BDSM sims, I did a search and by accident found the name of Aya. Curious, I tp-ed there. When I arrived, I chanced upon a dance social and even some things happening in the throne room. One of the first people to greet me was Her Majesty, Queen Talin. I was impressed Her Majesty acknowledged me, even though I was a stranger and newcomer. When I understood Aya was a hierarchical society rather than just another BDSM social hangout I became intrigued. I believe I filled out my application immediately.”

Started differently from the usual
When I joined Aya, I began my membership as an Aya Sub in December of 2012. I understand that very few were Aya subs at that time. I very much desired to become part of Aya and help out, but I was not as interested in domestic chores. I desired another means of contributing to the sim.
With the gracious aid of Her Majesty, Governess Kara, and others, I found my niche in helping newcomers and giving tours. When I was given this opportunity, I realized I needed to understand more about Aya and its mission. I spoke with a lot of Aya Mistresses and Aya Maids about the philosophy of the society, our goals, and even areas which needed improvement. I gave tours and explained the basics of Aya to newcomers which also helped me to understand better what I was teaching. I created my own notes and continually revised them based on experience.

Not afraid of challenges
After two months, I was happy my AYA touring my touring. I felt I could offer newcomers a lot of information and conduct them around the mansion with confidence.
My duties as a sub helping newcomers climaxed with my most extensive tour, given to members of another sim, called Latexia I believe. Strangely, this was spontaneous because I arrived on the sim by chance. I came to the mansion lobby where Queen Talin and other leaders and mistresses of Aya appeared to be preparing for an event.. I asked what was going on, and it turned out Her Majesty, Governesses and Mistresses were awaiting for an entourage from another sim. Apparently they were in need of a maid to give a tour, but none were online except myself and possibly one trainee who had little experience. Luckily, I was able to step in a offer the tour, the most exhausting I had yet had at Aya, the tour lasting almost an hour. (In RL, I occasionally give talks to audiences, and none were as exhausting as this one in SL.)
After the tour, Her Majesty graciously awarded me the Aya Bronze Medal. Before this recognition, I did not realize such awards existed!

The tour to entourage from another

The first Queen Maid
Shortly thereafter, Her Majesty appointed me as Queen's/Palace Maid. I was quite stunned, and pleased to receive such a great honour. I believe I received my commission I was also asked to be a bridesmaid in the Queen's upcoming wedding. in February 2013.

The day of her comission

Has very dear friends
A few days later my good friend Kaninah Wolf joined me also as Queen's/Palace Maid. To be honest, I don't think I would have had chance to succeed at my new role without Kaninah. She is a great sister, and we have helped each through difficult challenges, And I want to take this moment to thank Kaninah for all her help, even when we have had disagreements, we always work through them. I couldn't ask for a better sister. I also want to acknowledge Princess Alexis Greymyst, a wonderful Lady-in-Waiting and good friend.

A hard week
My role as Queen's Maid has been nothing less than extraordinary. Her Majesty gave me my first major task to keep track of maids who would be participating in the wedding. The week before the wedding was one of the most challenging and rewarding weeks I have ever had at Aya, if not Second Life, Her Majesty expects a great deal from her Palace Maids but She also rewards and acknowledges good work and devotion. The climax of the wedding ceremony was one of the most beautiful moment I have ever had in Second Life.

Be a Queen Maid is a very pleasurable work
Well, I still help newcomers when I can, and I still give tours. My time to help newcomers is reduced from what it was before because my first obligation is to serve Her Majesty when is online. I also enjoy supporting the Maids. If they need a friend to talk to, even a shoulder to cry on, I am there for them at anytime they need me. I am also servant to Lady Rusty, the Queen's consort. Lady Rusty is a wonderful mistress and a great asset to our sim. I encourage all trainees and relatively new maids to get to know Lady Rusty as she is such a special person.

She opened her heart to AYA
First and foremost, I want the members of Aya, both maids and mistresses, to know that I have never met a more caring sim leader than Queen Talin Greymyst. After having gotten to know Her since my appointment, I am convinced She wants everyone to be happy and for Aya to be the best sim of its kind in SL. I would encourage both new maids and new mistresses to get know to everyone at Aya. I believe the better we know each other, the more empathy we will have towards one another, We will also be able to understand each other's needs and desires and hopefully be able to fulfill them as no other sim can.
Queen Maid Kathy Breda.

The only detail missing saying is:

You are the Golden Queen Maid, an example to be followed by AYA's Family.

by Marta

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