Monday, March 11, 2013

Confessions from Princess Raven

submitted for posting by Mistress Raven Greymyst

Aya really is a virtual community.  So much so, many of us develop feelings that cross into reality.

I find myself reflecting on my time at Aya. All the relationships I have developed.  All the fantasies I have helped fulfill.

I met this saucy shemale from England on her wedding day to another prominent Aya figurehead.  At the time, I roamed into Aya still in the avatar of a young boy. Talin didn't know me from nothing. As she was dressing for her ceremony, she invited me to attend her wedding.  I couldn't imagine a person like this - so friendly as she was - and on a wedding day of all days!  I mean anyone else could of said bugger off.  Not Talin. 

I roamed to 'Sissified' because at the time it seemed more active during the times I was able to come out.  I never felt as welcomed, or that I mattered, to the powers who ran sissified.  Not like Talin.
When a friend of mine told me about Talins RL difficulties, I remember I just wanted to be near her.  She was not online when I was able to serve but I was a busy body.  I cleaned and met new friends.  Bubbles and Alexis among a few.  Dolly and Kori always around.  I came to Aya to help... help be a character who can make a difference.  When Talin had returned I soon knew that what I did was right.  I came to a place I can call home. 

Politics aside, Talin always made us feel welcome and that we mattered.  I just want it said that she matters to me.  I think she matters to many of us.  We may not always agree.  But I would follow her anywhere.

I have deep friendships with quite a few at Aya.  I would do anything for them as well.  Kara and Stacy are just two loving contributors to Aya - I am grateful for your shoulders. 

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