Monday, March 25, 2013

The Shiny Coin of AYA

She arrived at AYA not long ago. She is like a coin, has two very different sides

She is Treinee Maid Lia Ramirez (tulioramirez).
Trainee Maid Lia Ramirez

Lia By Lia
"Lia it's very complex. She sometimes it's very crazy and cheerful, but sometimes it's quiet and shy. she have a high sense of responsability, but sometimes she is very lazy. But one thing is sure: She is persistent in what she wants, and never stop in her way to obtain it."

She found her home talking with herself
"In a travel of acceptance of myself as a woman, i recieved help for many people i can't remember right now. But when i came for first time to the mansion of AYA, i start to talk with myself. "Myself - she said - i think this is the place for you" *laughs* "

In his brief time in AYA, has discovered a lot about herself
"That's a very difficult question. But i'm gonna talk with the truth. I have around three months as a maid here. In this time, i knew very important people to me now, who helps me to rediscover my true being as a maid and as a woman. And with the help of my sisters and the Mistresses, the Governesses, and, of course, our Queen Talin, i'm feeling like my home, a place where i don't want to left never. I 'm not feeling all the competent it's needed to ascend through the maid's tags, but still, i want to repay all the help i got here with my work, and, of course, with my love to the AYA community."

Straight from the heart to AYA's Family
"First for all: Hello everyone ! *laughs*... now, seriously. the words are not enough to show all my gratitude to the AYA Community. Without her helps and counselor, i would never be what i am right now. And a simple "thank you" never gona show what i 'm feeling about this place. I hope my work fill all the expectatives of our Queen Talin and the Governesses, and be each day a better person for myself, and everyone. And i 'm sorry if my english it's not very good, because i 'm a little clumsy with the language *laugh*. "

Trainee Maid Lia Ramires
Lia you are one of the treasures that the family has AYA.

By Marta

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