Saturday, March 9, 2013

Queen Talin and Head Governess Kara honor AYA's Members on International Women's Day

On International Women's Day, Queen Talin and Head Governess Kara, awarded some valours AYA’s Members what made ​​this day even more memorable for our place.

The first awarded was Miss Celly Snow. She received the AYA’s Bronze Medal for her working on creating all AYA’s History Documents.

Queen Talin reminded that Miss Celly Snow has spend many hours behind the scene doing this important work for AYA.
Queen Talin, Head Governess Kara and Miss Celly Snow

The next to receive the award this night was Head Maid Leona. She received AYA’s Bronze Medal for all her help in compiling informations on the AYA ‘s Records.

Head Maid Leona, Head Governess Kara at the back and Queen Talin,

Following during the awards night, came the turn of Head Maid Marta. She was the first AYA’s Brazilian Maid.She received AYA’s Bronze Medal for all career supporting the house of AYA..

Head Governess Kara, Queen Talin and Head Maid Marta

Closing this memorable evening awards, Miss Dolly received the first ever Award of Distinction for Services to AYA.

by Queen’s Maid Kathy

Miss Doly deserves this award for, in the words of the Queen Talin: “ Lovely and discrete. Most of the things you see in the SIM were built by Dolly. Whithout her well this would be a very diferent and a sadder place. she not only brings incridible building skilss but she also brings calm, patience, counseling, friendship and loyalty.”

Miss Doly, Queen Talin and Queen’s Maid Kathy at the back

by Marta

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