Monday, March 18, 2013

I Am an Eternal Debtor To The Queen Talin 1st

How many times your Majesty rescued this your problematic Maid since I came here in AYA. Undoubtedly many times.

How could I imagine a very honorable invitation to be one of the Queen's maid would become a "turning point" in my life here in SL.

As it is difficult to talk about what I'm feeling. The situation that I met after his honorable invitation, made ​​me rethink about my life here and made ​​some discoveries about myself, such as:

I have a submissive side, not as I thought it was, but I still have and like. I love to be an AYA's Maid. I love to help those in need. It is a great pleasure for me to put a new Trainee Maid "under my wings."

I like that relationship Miss / Sub we have here in AYA. Each Miss has its own behavior, some sweeter other more energetic, some more creative one another more reserved. I like that diversity. I confess I do not like all, some have even fear. Most important of all is that I AM who makes a CHOICE to whom I relate. I now have full FREEDOM to do so. Depending on just how I'm feeling.

I found that being able to take decisions freely, taking full responsibility that my decisions can cause, became the MOST IMPORTANT THING FOR ME. I am very happy with those discoveries, just have to thank you your Majesty.

When your Majesty did me the honorable invite, I felt very flattered, "in the clouds", but God writes straight with crooked lines. I see clearly now that my heart be where I am now. A Head Maid which can be much closer to his sisters. Making posts to disseminate the events of AYA and can wear pants or a nice dress at parties, depending only eats me feel.

Again thank you for your magnanimous wisdom, kindness, understanding and help.

His eternal debtor

Head Maid Marta

Little england, March 15, 2013

It was desire of your Majesty that this letter be published in our Blog

by Marta

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