Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The New Sissy Becomes a Maid

A new work of our poet Maid Jade Claven

The New Sissy Becomes a Maid

The sissy applied to be a maid
She loved to clean and please
As she waited she felt a breeze
she looked behind her and saw a sissy

The Sissy who came in said hi
And the New sissy blushed
Then the sissy asked her name
she said my name is Jade

The sissy who was called Bambi said hi Jade.
so Jade you want to be a maid
Jade just did a nod
Then Bambi gave Jade a hug

As Jade was standing talking to her sister
She was called over and to come here
Jade got scared and just wanted to disappear
Then Jade walked over and knelt as her knees went weak

So i hear you want to be a maid said the woman with a soft voice
Jade just said yes Miss, wondering what the Miss would say
Jade then sat at the miss feet and prayed she would be let in
Then the Miss with the soft voice got up and said ok Jade
Jade got scared and looked at the Miss into her face
So you want to be a maid with your sisters and wear lace
Jade said yes Miss i do want to be a good maid
The Miss just said welcome to Aya maid Jade.

Jade looked at her sisters as the took her to the pink room again
Her sisters put out a white outfit she had seen this before
This was to be here uniform and she adores it
Jade was then presented to the Mistress and they just smiled.

Jade BellaRosa Claven

by Marta

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