Thursday, March 7, 2013

Photo Contest Last Days !

Coordenated by our multipurpose Oficer, keeper of AYA Records, Head Librarian and “Cat” Celly Snow. The First AYA’s Maid Photo / Model Contest was in her last days. The closing of the contest will be in our Social Sunday Party at march 10.

Everyone can VOTE, the cost is 10 L per VOTE. All funds collected from this event will go to support AYA.
Ten candidates are competing for the prizes of 1000L first place, 700L second place, 300L third place.
The five most voted until march 7, 08:00 AM SLT
Come meet all participant, choose your favorite and give your "VOTE"

Help us to support AYA , the best Sissy SIM in SL.

by Marta

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