Saturday, March 30, 2013

Little England & Aya Academy's Easter Egg Hunt

THIS IS TODAY and EASTER SUNDAY there are 150 eggs.

1. Have Fun
2. Eggs are scattered through sim
3. There are prizes
4. There will be a score kept
5. 10th place → 50 linden
6. 9th place → 75 linden
7. 8th place → 100 linden
8. 7th place → 125 linden
9. 6th place → 150 linden
10. 5th place → 200 linden
11. 4th place → 250 linden
12. 3rd place → 500 linden
13. 2nd place → 750 linden
14. 1st place → 1000 linden
15. Yes that is 3200 in prizes !!!
16. if ties will work something out

Click on the "Collection HUD Giver". A "Collection HUD" will be rezzed, and will request ermission to attach to you. Choose "Yes" to wear the "Collection HUD". (When visitors click the "Collection HUD Giver", they will be given a "Collection HUD" which they can then wear from their inventory) land mark attached to where score keeper and hud giver is.

If not enough eggs to find , early Easter Sunday I may add more there are no eggs on the Queen's Palace grounds so dont't go there and you need a hud as I said before and no eggs inside buildings.

Tomorrow morning I will add another 150 eggs so don't despair so 300 eggs total let others have a chance to hunt so don't get too greedy I will make it a bit harder to find them tomorrow, but again none will be in buildings or on the palace grounds and again you need the hud from the hud giver sign which is next to the score keeper and the rules sign next to the walk next to the fountain in front of the Mansion

Princess Alexis Hannah Greymyst

Happy Easter ! ! !
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