Thursday, March 21, 2013

AYA’s Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, in a world far from reality …
A shy sissy, feminine, long legs and reddish hair, wandering around sissy and shemale SIM’s.
One day she discovered AYA and her whole life changed....
This is the history of Matron Stacy Greymyst.
Stacy Greymyst by Stacy Greymyst.
Stacy is my feminine part of me, like a projection of myself. She gives me the possibility to be girl I always dreamed: sensual, feminine, with long legs nice red hairs and a taste of tease.”

“I see myself as a caring person, nothing makes me more happy than seeing other's smiles. As in RL, I always get the time to listen other and share thought and fun.”“Stacy changed a lot in one year (joined April the 16th 2012). First, I was a shy sissy wandering around SL SIM’s, I evolved into a maid, then, with time, I become the new AYA “Matron, but you will learn more about that later...

One day, our Princess has found her home.
“I discovered AYA by chance when i was jumping around sissy and shemale sims. I first found Velvet Crossing, and found a link there to Little England. When I arrived outside (Next the fountain for people who remember the old Mansion) I saw many people inside and I was too afraid to come. Princess Alexis (who was the Matron at this time) invited me. I then filed an application (a very bad application, I even did not know there was a model, so I made it by myself) and I finally joined AYA as a Trainee Maid.”
Princess Stacy Greymyst first AV
She started as a Trainee Maid, now she is AYA’s Matron.
“It was a busy career. I was happy to do all the work: welcome the guests, serve the Mistresses and the Queen (who was Head Governess when I joined), clean... Talking of clean, it is how I met my lovely wife Raven. I catched her attention when i beaten her at the cleaning board. We talked, played, and finally, married, in a lovely wedding at the chapel.”“People told me it was a fast ascension, from trainee to head maid, but for me, it was only my duty, and I was happy to do it. In fact, when I am thinking of all that happened, it
seems like years.”

“Later, I discovered another side of me (Or should I say, rediscovered) a more... dominant side, and being an head maid showed me how i loved to take care of the other maids. So, when Queen Talin asked me to become the new Matron, I accepted without hesitations.”

Life is not just flowers, the responsibilities also exist.
The style of the Matron depends of every Matron, but the main role of a Matron is to take care of the maids, protect them and help them.

Much of my time is dedicated to talk with the maids and doing my best to advice them Sometime they only want to talk to someone, and I do my best to be the comprehensive ear they need.

A Matron is not exactly a Mistress, even if in the AYA organization I have the level of a Senior Mistress. During the meetings, I try to be the voice of all the maids (and I can assure you all... every maids are differents).

Concerning my protecting role, I have the right to overpower a Mistress if she does not respect a maid and if she does not listen her (for example, the does not respect maids limits and abuse her, even if the maid genuinely asks to stop).

I can also domme the maids, but i am more into teasing and soft domination (but I have a whip, and a cross in my house for the very naughty girls !).
She is an Angel too.
Luck smiles to anyone one who is able.
“It also started by accident. One time, Fuzzy asked for a volunteer to DJ a Sunday before her. I was curious about the shoutcast and streamin work, so I told Fuzzy i was ready to DJ, in case she found none. She confirmed myself as DJ, so I prepared myself, and finally did it. It was, honestly, stressful for me, but I loved the experience, and it seemed other people like it too, so I decided to continue, and now, I try to have a regular themed party every Friday, and some unprompted parties during the week.”
“It is a fun job (and it pays the rents Partly...), and even if i try to play classics, i sometime play silly songs too, or stupid mashups. My best reward is the good feedback from the listener, nothing is worse than people not happy with a set.”

Her words to make the happy ending of this fairy tale.

Two words: Have Fun!
Except that, well, I wish everyone enjoy its time in and out of AYA. If a maid need to talk, never hesitate, I can keep a secret, and even at work, i can be connected on my phone, and if i may miss some messages due to the stability of the connection, i am always able to talk. If you have an idea for a party theme, don't hesitate to suggest me too, I am always open for new ideas. We also installed a totally anonymous suggestion box at the entrance of the Mansion so, there is no reason to keep something for yourself if you are afraid to tell it in public.

I love you all, you are a wonderful family and I wish the best for everyone here

Matron Stacy Greymyst

The End

Caution: Any resemblance with SL live, is not coincidence.

Thank you Princess Stacy Greymyst, AYA is very lucky to have the right person in right place.

by Marta


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