Monday, April 1, 2013

It was love at first glance

It was love at first glance

She was exploring SL and herself
She is Miss Emma
Miss Emma

She is what not was
“Well im 23 and from northern ireland. i was a sub on sl before i came to AYA. i came here to explore my domme side as i am a a switch in rl.”
It was love at first glance
“Ii was exploring a few places in sl and found AYA and loved it from the moment i came here.”
Have changed makes her better Miss
“I have been a mistress in AYA for a few months now. i enjoy domming the maids and i love how much respect everyone here shows each other. when domming due to the fact that im a switch i always know how the sub feels and take that into consideration. that also allows me to be able to talk with any maids who have issues with anything.”
She “explore” many AYA’s activity
“Well i mainly just do domming and chatting at AYA as well as going to parties in the club and other events.”
Direct from the heart for AYA
“I love being here. im still having new experiences as a domme and im very open-minded. i love everyone here and i hope to be here for a very long time as i want to become the best domme i can be.”
Miss Emma
His exploration Miss Emma, did AYA a better place for everyone
by Marta

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