Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Black, Pink and Black to White

Yesterday was a day of many changes

Three new Trainee Maids were admitted to AYA.

Trainee Maids Mikki, beau and Kal

                                               Mikki                                          Kal                      beau

From Black, Pink and Black to With Trainee Uniform

                              Mikki                                            beau                               Kal

Mikki (mickaelwhitewolf)

Biography: -

Rezz Day:

March 26, 2013
beau (crawlie)

Biography: Sissy bitch and obedient slut. Owned by Mistress Viara. She is Goddess to me. Special thanks for the picture and creative to Queen Alison. Some words about my Ladies :

"You are bold! So be even more brazen!

This is no husband-lover-friend deal!

So, my angel of yesterday, do it:

Pierce my heart with your pointed French heel!"

Rezz Day: February 2, 2013
Kal (kaliwhite)
Biography: -
Rezz Day:
March 17, 2013

Welcome to AYA Family!

By Marta
Revised by Stacy

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