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AYA's History Public Version - Chapter I

This is a story of Aya that was wrote by Lady Eliane.

Because it is very detailed, I took the liberty to divide it into chapters.

Hope you enjoy.

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Chapter I

Dear Aya member or visitor
You are in one of the oldest places of all Second Life world. Aya BDSM was born officially in january 2009, but it came after a very, very long story, which began in... april 2007!!! I'm Lady Eliane, and I think i'm the last one in sl able to remember all the story since the beginning. Some people names were changed to protect their private life.

So, in april 2007, I just entered in sl and I did not know that Play, a woman from Chicago, was founding at the same moment a lesbian bdsm group named Branded. As she was very switch, she also had two alts, a pony named Natasha and a slave named Brianna.

One day in july, as i was visiting Frilly Filly Farm, the most important ponyplay place in sl, I found only one pony, Natasha, alone in her stall. As i wanted to say her hello, I hurried in her stall as I did not know the door was "phantom". We laughed a lot and she said me she was also the Mistress of a lesbian group, and she invited me to join as a slave. As I was beginner in sl and knew nobody, of course i agreed.

I joined the group in it's first home, a skybox, a villa with two large levels and a little garden around. At a short distance was another skybox, an Archer house where lived a slave of the group, Seven, who created two years later an alt named Tonie Aya. Branded members had a special tatoo, and I still wear it when it can be visible.

There was also a dalmatian dog girl named Precious. I met her three times only as she had very serious health problems in rl. We had news by her brother who was in sl too. So... we knew, three months later, that she left us... a cancer. She was a german girl of only 34! A very moving thing: she did not want her avatar died with her, so she asked her brother to animate it after she was gone;I know he did it during some time, but i never met him.

This pic was made in lower room of the villa, some time before I entered the group. I think Play has the white gown. The black hairs one was her wife Selena. I don't know who is the third one: they were more than 30 members!! And, of course, the poor Precious. At least I'm sure her last moments were lightened by their friendship. But look at this room: it's the very first step on the road going to Aya sim!!
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