Tuesday, April 16, 2013

AYA's History Public Version - Chapter II

Chapter II

Some days later, we left the villa for a complete sim, Babylon Island. It was an absolute paradise, as I never found one in sl since this time. It had several levels, each one on total sim size: Ground Level, with two Love Temples, a night club and a wonderful park; Training Level, with stalls and training land for ponies and a little castle used as a dungeon; Residence Level, with a lot of Archer houses and a second garden; Building Level, where worked Selena who was a builder too. Between Residence Level and Building Level were several beautiful skyboxes for the Mistresses.

At this moment I got my first money in sl: Selena used Google translator to put in french a rental contract, and the result was so horrible that, when she asked me if it was OK, I did not really understand what it was! So I translated it in a correct french (from the English version, as I was unable to understand Google "french"! lol) and she gave me 1000L$.

As we moved very quickly later from Babylon, I did not think to take a lot of pictures and I have only these some ones:

Here, I'm wearing a pony outfit but I never had a real training. You can see a little part of a Love Temple on left side. Look at my skin and you'll see how graphics were improved since this time!! lol... and, yes, I had red hairs during a long time.

In the parks were a lot of animations... meditation... (with Mistresses skybox just above my head)



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