Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's Hard To Find Someone Like Her

♫ Her Latin blood,♪
♪ My soul captive ♪♫
Secos & Molhados

She is Queen Maid Anastasia

AYA BDSM Sissy Sanctuary Queen Maid Annastasia

Many good qualities
Anastasia – Anna for friends - is a shy, though proud, person. She is calm and sweet with her friends and always tries to be honest. She loves seeing everybody in peace around. As every shy people, she may seem curt sometimes, but start blathering up to bore anybody when getting confidence. She is a bit absent-minded, rather easy going and noob. Still beware, as she is rather passionate in her innards and warm feelings feed her heart far behind her – now smooth – tight skin.”

From a rustic cocoon born a beautiful Spanish butterfly

“After a long lone wandering, bearded Anton got bored and grumpy, so he left SL for a while. Some months later, he decided to log again and show the hidden part of his personality. Drifting, he landed at AYA. There, a lovely Governess – now Her Majesty -and several maids were enjoying a chat at the throne room. In that first visit, Anton was transformed into Antonia, and later renamed Anastasia at Velvet, where she dwelled for a while. However, she enjoyed visiting Princess – now our Lady in Waiting, who was like an elder sister for her - and that Governess whose sympathy and character attracted her as does nectar to the butterflies – that’s how sissies are called in Spain. Finally, our beloved Queen pulled Anastasia a bit... into our mansion, where she has met the best people that she ever wondered.”

AYA BDSM Sissy Sanctuary Queen Maid Annastasia
Admittedly very competent
“I am a Queen Maid since March 17, 2013. I was quite pleased when Her Majesty honored me with this mission. She surprised me, since I log irregularly and there are so many good, lovely and well-trained maids and doers to choose between us. I do not find words to say how glad I really feel being at her service and having the chance of being closer to her. Thus, I owe her all the bits of happiness, and I wish eagerly being able to pay back.”

“As maids at the Palace, our main duty is to accompany Her Majesty and her consort, Miss Rusty wherever they please, and look after their wishes. This means any task they tell us to tackle.”

Help is her mission
“Nowadays I do not have any other function at AYA. However, as all the elder maids, I always try to get in touch with our new sisters and help them in their start. When needed, I make translations into Spanish of the rules, or whatever I’m asked for. Also, I keep welcoming visitors and helping at the mansion.”

“Please, do not change”
“Of course, I should like to! First thank you all very much. AYA is a place where I found –besides fun – friendship, comfort when I needed it, and a bunch of wonderful people. The second is, please, do not change. You all are great, each in her manners and character. You make AYA by getting along while enriching us with our differences.”

“Finally, in Spain, we say that “manners of well-born are being grateful” – or something like this. I would like to thank again our beloved Queen Talin for Her efforts to give us such a wonderful home.”
Queen Maid Anastasia

What to say to someone with this profile?

It is impossible to not admire you. “Please, do not change “ .

Queen Maid Anastasia you are beloved by all AYA’s Family

By Marta
Revised By Stacy


  1. Thank you very much Marta for all the love you put here. WE all love you too. :x

  2. You deserve each word and mor Sis

    Kiss and hugg