Thursday, April 11, 2013

She transforms the body and soul

Her speciality is harmonize body and soul.

She is Mistress Erin.

After long studies arrived at AYA
“I am a post op TG in SL, I graduated form Emasculata Academy. After transitioning to a full female, I started an internship as a physician at the academy, and I am now a full time doctor there. I enjoy serving the gender gifted community in all aspects, form counseling, health care, and gender related surgeries. I enjoy people, and love to encourage and make people feel good about themselves.”

She was invited to stay by Dr. Jane
“I started off as a guest surgeon and was made a doctor at AYa by Dr jane. I later became a mistress. As a gender gifted person myself, I really enjoyed the interaction with sissies. I took a different path, but I respect and enjoy the interaction. I try to do this with a empathy.”

Being a Mistress is a new experience
“I have not been a mistress for long, but I enjoy it very much. I enjoy the art of soft domination. teasing, and as a friend of mine once said "casting a gentle net". Not much of a whips and chains girl. The mind is my favorite playground.”

Hes schedule is full
“As I said I am a doctor here, and have performed gender surgery and also have administered hormone therapy. I thoroughly enjoy serving under Governess Jane's administration. She is a remarkable doctor and person. I enjoy the nurturing aspect of dominance as well. As a physician I can have a very intimate contact with the people of AYA.”

I love AYA’s Culture
“I find the people at AYA delightful> Her Majesty Queen Talin has fostered a culture of tolerance and respect. The governesses and mistresses have been wonderful and the sissy maids and subs are simply adorable. I have felt welcomed, respected, and dare I say loved.”
Mistress Erin

You're essential to AYA's Family “Mistress Doc” Erin and we love you.

By Marta

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