Monday, April 8, 2013

She doesn't think only in "those things" ...

She has others leveling and interesting side.
She is AYA Mistress Honey

Known combining very well understanding and caring with hardness of steel
“I'm well I suppose the term is shemale, RL issues took me away a little while but it's nice to be back, last time the girls nicknamed me miss horny lol. Well they aren't wrong. I'm very understanding and caring but can be hard as steel when required, nobody should be scared to approach me i'm very open to helping all if I can.”

Looking to meet people and found AYA
“Was in an SL l search a long time ago, explored met people and felt at home.”

Being a Mistress requires care
“I'm strict but caring have always had a dominant streak and adore being adored I suppose is a good way of putting it”
So many abilities
“I was a DJ before here but that’s not the limit to my talents I build make gestures, clothing, scripts and more”

A word of advice
“Work hard here and play hard, get involved all you can because to be honest you will not find a better place or group of people in Second Life, so my advice is embrace it :)”
Mistress Honey

Thanks Miss Honey, you are home

By Marta
Revised by Stacy

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